Blue-green Algae- Mystery from the Ocean

2.4 billion years ago, blue-green algae in the ocean were the first organism on earth to produce oxygen. The continued reproduction of blue-green algae was responsible for the Earth’s first Great Oxidation Event, which accelerated the evolutionary process of animals. The SOD in blue-green algae is an endogenous antioxidant that can effectively eliminate ROS from an organism’s body to prevent damage caused by oxidative stress.

2.4 billion years ago blue-green algae occurred the Earth’s first Great Oxidation Event. It transformed nearly 1 % of O2 into almost 20%, which accelerated the evolutionary process of animals. When animals breathe, some oxygen (O2) will be converted into reactive oxygen species (ROS), which will produce a variety of free radicals. In order to resist the damage of free radicals, blue-green algae have evolved superoxide dismutase to combat free radical damage.

Ti-UNic Biotech's Unique Biomimetic Technology

Ti-UNic Biotech applies its proprietary biomimetic technology to successfully modify the SOD in blue-green algae, allowing it to remain stable at room temperature and generally apply on cosmetic products.

Free Radicals- The Cause of Skin Aging

The growth of free radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation and aging will gradually damage the collagen under the skin. TUN-828® can effectively remove and inhibit the cascade reactions of reactive oxygen species to achieve anti-oxidation effects, which restore the new collagen to smooth wrinkles.