T-01 Luxury Dual Care Toner

Bi-Phase Hydrating Lotion

Soothing / Moisturizing / Revitalizing

Description: An innovative, convenient, simple and effective product adapted for you. A powerful hydration activator. It can simultaneously increase skin defense and skin antioxidant ability.

Application : Day or/and Night on clean skin.

Step1 – Shake; Step 2- Spray; Step 3- Tap your face.

Key Ingredient : Centillia asiatica extract, TUN-828®, Common red and Poria Cocos extract.


【MAT-227】 The lava stones Powder

An excellent exfoliator with antioxidant activity that suits for skin, hair, and body.

【RIA-556】Rose pink algae

A natural pink extract from Taiwan’s red algae, an active cosmetic ingredient with soothing property.

【TUN-828®】Superoxide Dismutase

TUN-828® to prevent early signs of aging in your skin and your hair