Verperle® Sea Grape Extract

Excellent benefits for anti-aging and allergy inhibition to skin

Sea grape is a kind of green algae with rich nutrition. Verperle® Sea Grape Extract harvested in pure full mineral water from east coast of Taiwan. It contains high content of amino acids, minerals and vitamins

Anti-allergy inhibition

  • 2mg/ml of Verperle ® , the inhibition rate is over 60%
  • 4 mg/ml of Verperle ® , the inhibition rate almost reach to 100%

Stimulate skin collagen production

  • Increases production of procollagen type I 
  • 4mg/ml of Verperle ® increases collagen production by 80%



Verperle® Sea Grape Extract

Natural Ingredient from Sea Grape in Eastern Taiwan


Your ally to fight early aging damages