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Stress makes hair gray : WHO also pays attention to scalp health

Due to the pandemic impact, the change of people's life and diet routine will also lead to the rise of free radicals in the human body. Recently, many people have suffered from gray hair in an early age. The R&D team of Ti-UNic Biotech pointed out that too many free radicals will cause the body begins to show signs of aging. If you do not properly improve your living habits, your gray hair will never turn back.

Ti-UNic Biotech and its French strategic partner discovered that the patented ingredient TUN-828® can effectively promote the mechanism of melanin production. This discovery has been applied to the development of various hair products, among which the scalp revitalizer toner has received the most praise from many customers.                                             

In fact, scalp care is as important as facial care. One of the ten health standards proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) is that the hair is shiny and free of dandruff. WHO has also advocated a new concept of health: the so-called health, is not only physically healthy but also mentally and socially healthy. Having a healthy scalp not only requires daily care, but diet and daily life routine matter a lot too. Living with a healthy and happy life, your hair will be naturally beautiful, bright and full of luster!





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Stress makes hair gray : WHO also pays attention to scalp health

Let's live a healthy life by keeping some good life habits.