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MIT patented raw materials, Ti-UNic Biotech builds its own brand and promotes it to the international stage


Pan, Li-qi,The CEO of Ti-UNic Biotech(middle) promotes Taiwan exclusive MIT patent to international market successfully.
Photo/provided by Ti-UNic Biotech

The global economy is changing rapidly, and the cosmetics industry is gradually moving towards an era of "consumption evolution" in product, market, and marketing channel changes. In response to the rapid evolution of the technology network, Taiwanese consumers have easy access to foreign beauty information, leading to increasingly fierce competition among Taiwanese makeup brands. Ti-UNic Biotech develops original cosmetic raw materials with the spirit of scientists, injecting new blood into Taiwan's beauty market, and providing consumers with new choices that are practical and at ease.

Pan,Li-qi, The CEO of Ti-UNic Biotech, said that although Taiwan has the ability to produce high-quality OEMs, the raw materials are controlled by major international factories. Many brands relied on imported raw materials. However, because of the high cost of imported raw materials, brand owners are likely to lack of appropriate raw materials and formulations, and is relatively weak compared with international brands.

Pan, Li-qi,The CEO of Ti-UNic Biotech said that in order to overcome the long-term difficulties of Taiwanese brand, he led the R&D team to create their own brands, developed exclusive raw material in the industry and stick to MIT, create the accurate raw materials professionally, formulations, dosage forms, and include the positioning for the design of packaging.
With strictly quality control and quality assurance to manufacture the premier products. With high competitiveness and ambition in global market.

Pan Liqi, who was with technology industry background, a scientist, and an entrepreneur. He is specialized at cross-field integration and Integrate management philosophies of Eastern and Western masters as a corporate indicator.
He had led large enterprises to turn losses into profits with the 5th level lead method. He, the founder of Ti-UNic Biotech, will be committed to successfully promoting MIT exclusive patented to international stage.


Pan Liqi, who was with technology industry background, a scientist, and an entrepreneur.
Photo/provided by Ti-UNic Biotech

Ti-UNic Biotech develops the unique active biomimetic ingredient in the world, TUN-828®, can stabilize under room temperature. With applications for types of cosmetic skin care and hair, satisfactory clients’ numerous requirements. The key technology was obtained 8 patents in 7 countries successfully. Ti-UNic provided customized products for several well-known hair salons already and with good and widely feedback from consumers. Ti-UNic Biotech participated in various large-scale Taiwan and overseas exhibitions and was obtained big brands manufacturers favored; therefore, Pan Liqi is with more confident that T-UNic Biotech will move towards globalization in the future.

The Asia’s premier beauty industry trade event – China Beauty Expo(CBE) in May, 2022, though Ti-UNic Biotech cannot participate due to the impact of the epidemic, but we communicate with online to exchange the knowledge for innovation technology, display the high quality products, with Taiwan’s unique professional service, to make the products with personalized, customized, and intelligent to more closer to clients’ requirements and to make MIT brand can stand firm
in the world.

For more information, please refer to FB link of Ti-UNic Biotech,

The picture shows the 2019 China Beauty Expo scene. In 2021, Ti-UNic Biotech will communicate with clients online.
Photo/Provided by Ti-UNic Biotech


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