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Ti-UNic's anti-graying secret reveals on the global beauty show in Shanghai

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Reported by Economy Daily News 

The appearance of gray hair is often regarded as a symbol of wisdom and time. This sign is to remind oneself that it is time to take a proper rest, adjust mood and work and rest. However, how to maintain the scalp and hair follicles properly ?

Many mothers will often dye their hair when gray hair appears. However, most people's views on gray hair are gradually changing. More and more people accept gray hair frankly. They no longer dye or cover it, and even feel it is very stylish.

The Internet gives many tips about keeping your nature hair color, such as intaking rich and high-quality protein or vitamin B complex, etc., and says that gray hair can not be pulled to avoid damage to the hair follicles. These tips may be moderately improved the current scalp situation. However, it is unable to effectively remove free radicals, the root cause of damage to cells, so that the appearance still ages by years.

壓力造成自由基過多,白髮不斷增生。 太元生醫/提供

Stress causes excessive free radicals and gray hairs continue to grow.

On May 12-14 this year, the 26th China Beauty Expo CBE was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. CBE is one of the world's largest beauty exhibitions, focusing on the international trade platform of the cosmetics and personal care products industry chain. The exhibition gathers more than 3,600 innovative products from exhibiting companies, providing a high-quality platform for the industry to extend industrial development and commerce.

At this CBE exhibition, Ti-UNic Biotech fully demonstrated the hard and soft power of Taiwan's product development. Through the unique MIT patented TUN-828® , it delivered high-quality raw materials to the visiting audience. On the other hand, through the team's past experience in product development and market development in Taiwan's high-tech industry, Ti-UNic Biotech has successfully created a one-stop service platform that can meet the needs of various manufacturers in the beauty supply chain.

太元生醫線上與CBE當地參展人員做教育訓練。 太元生醫/提供

Ti-UNic Biotech is doing onling training with onsite staff at CBE. 

In this CBE exhibition, due to the pandemic situation, Ti-UNic was not able to attend onsite expo instead of doing online education and training with local partners. Pan,Li-Qi, The CEO of Ti-UNic Biotech, said that although Ti-UNic has only been established for three years, the internal team has many years of rich experience, and have participated in various international exhibitions, actively promoted Taiwan’s unique raw materials and greatly integrated and enhanced the ODM/OEM model, providing customers with a one-stop service platform from upstream to downstream.

In view of the inconvenience of international business activities in the post-epidemic era and the explosion of the hair product market, Ti-UNic Biotech has resolutely invested in the scalp care-related market. Many customers have successfully developed themselves on the platform established by Taiyuan Biomedical. Satisfactory products have been successfully promoted to the market. Ti-UNic Biotech expects that more manufacturers can jointly develop innovative, safe and effective products on this platform in the future, and carry forward the brand of Taiwan to the world.

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