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Clean Beauty: An important Trend You Need To Know

Modern people pay more and more attention to health and diet. With the rise of health-conscious consumption, more and more new propositions are driven by the trend, and clean beauty has become the mainstream because consumers are more focused on the selection of product sources, hoping that the ingredients are simple, less toxic and harmless to the body.

Currently there is no clear definition of Clean Beauty. Many people think that it is related to natural and organic, but in fact, clean beauty does not mean natural or organic. Its main concept is non-toxic, safe for the human body, and lables transparent , allowing consumers to buy and use safely.

Deciem, also a science-based beauty manufacturer (better known for its brand "TheOrdinary"), explained clean beauty products as "everything is chemical" in its brand's latest campaign, and explained in detail even the most natural is technically also a "chemical". Deciem means that in chemistry, chemistry is made up of matter. A simple combination of one oxygen atom (O) and two hydrogen atoms (H) produces H2O, the chemical formula for water. So, water is a chemical substance. Basically anything you can taste, smell or possess is chemical.

Clean Beauty used to be a small group of movement but it has now become the mainstream of cosmetic beauty. As long as the product is non-toxic and safe for human use, no cancer concerns, and the ingredients are transparently labeled, it conforms to the concept of Clean Beauty. Every ingredient contained in skin care products not only affects the skin and body, but also affects the environment. The world can be a better place if people can consume more consciously and understand the impact of products on themselves, society and the environment.


Clean Beauty: An important Trend You Need To Know

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