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What is scalp oxidation?

Having healthy hair allows us to look our best and ensure our hair and scalp is healthy. The look of hair is important to many and has a significant impact on our self-esteem. According to the survey, regardless of gender, more than 70% of consumers are dissatisfied with their scalp condition or hair quality. Among them, "hair loss" is the most concerned issue for more than 50% of consumers.

According to statistics from the American Society for Hair Loss Research, the number of people who are suffering from hair loss has exceeded 1 billion worldwide. The number is indeed terrifying but beforewe understand how to prevent and improve hair loss caused by stress, let us first understand the hair growth cycle.

The structure of the hair follicle extends from the innermost to the outer in sequence and includes the hair shaft, the inner root sheath, and the outer root sheath. The outer root sheath is covered by a layer of connective tissue. The bottom of the hair follicles in the growth period has a hair bulb structure, which is covered with dermal papilla cells specialized by fibroblasts, known as Dermal Papilla. In addition, there is a bulge in the upper half of the hair follicle, which stores hair follicle stem cells.

In the entire hair growth cycle, there are three stages, the growth period (anagen), the decay period (catagen) and the telogen period (telogen). In the early stages of growth, hair follicle stem cells will be activated and begin to proliferate and differentiate into outer root sheath, inner heel sheath and stromal cells, and these cells will eventually differentiate and stem. When the cells in the hair follicle continue to proliferate and differentiate, the length of the hair shaft will also increase, and finally extend the epidermis to form the hair we see. After the growth period, it enters the decay period, the hair no longer grows, and the cells in the hair follicle begin to undergo apoptosis, and finally the hair follicle stem cells and dermal papillary cells are left, and the hair roots will be pushed up from the skin tissue. Squeeze near the hair follicle stem cells. After the recession period comes the resting period, when the hair follicles are in a hibernating state, and will not be activated again until the appropriate stimulation enters the growth period.

During the whole hair growth period (anagen), with the proliferation of hair follicle stem cells, the accumulated content of free radicals will increase. And our scalp itself has a mature oxidative stress response system that can cleverly maintain the dynamic balance of oxidative stress in the body. Under normal conditions, the average growth period of our hair as a whole can be maintained for about 2-5 years, and then enter the recession period and the resting period in sequence, and then wait for appropriate stimulation to reactivate and enter the next new growth period.

However, modern people often unknowingly increase the load of free radicals in the body due to the working environment. Once the free radicals in the body exceed what they can bear, it will cause the hair follicles to enter the catagen phase early, which will lead to hair loss. In fact, the scalp, like other parts of the body, also needs to be take care of. In addition to adjusting your life style, it is also important to avoid the impact of the external environment. After three years, Ti-UNic Biotech has exclusively developed the world’s only biomimetic superoxide dismutase-TUN-828® that is stable at room temperature. It has been confirmed by a third-party research unit that it can effectively remove free radicals in cells within 16 hours, minimizing the damage caused by oxidative stress and keep the scalp in its best condition.


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