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The material composition of the characters in heaven and earth is the source of soul.
The name of Ti-UNic is inspired by the Great Harmony Book. There was an old saying that goes: "The energy one has originates from heaven and earth. Heaven is the soul of a thing and mankind is also the soul of a thing. Despite the varying sizes in shape, they share energy throughout Taiyuan (the space) that, little by little, converges to the ocean to be non-differential."
Although vitality or Prakruti quality is the material composition of the characters of heaven and earth, Kang Youwei associates the soul and spirit with them, and believes that the mysterious electric effect in the Prakruti quality is the source of the soul.
The professional technical team of Ti-UNic is a "strategic technology integration consultant", through integration, vertical division of labor, market analysis and demand analysis.
Then, by sharing the results, a mutually collaborative virtuous cycle begins and by giving back to society, it contributes to sustainable management. Eventually, the world will see Taiwan and Ti-UNic will become a shining star on the world stage.

Outstanding ResultsAchievements

From 2018, our team dedicate to create:
- The next generation of cosmetic ingredient.
- Product design (Hair and Skin products)
- Market analysis and design.
We adapt to the market, to customer's request to stay innovative.

Our Team

Our Team

The R&D team of Ti-UNic is strong, composed of elites with professional and adaptable capabilities. Highly sensitive insights and extensive strategies have cultivated outstanding talents, allowing the company to effectively deploy internationally in the shortest time.
The founder is both an entrepreneur and a scientist who integrated Eastern and Western management philosophy. The five level leadership method was used by the founder to lead large corporations out of the red and turn a profit five times. He excels at cross-field integration in fields such as machinery, electric cars, IC packaging and testing, and chemical precision materials.

Our Team



Ti-UNic uses breakthrough technology to market the world, from R&D to mass production, quality control to after-sales service, and provides diversified services with the advantages of Taiwan manufacturing.
With the vision of sustainable operation, with unswerving persistence and hard work, we will enhance Taiwan's exposure and image in the international market and let newly emerging force on the world.